Why a blog? Well I decided that I would set myself some challenges for 2019 by stepping out of my comfort zone, and trying new things. Do not be afraid of the unknown. .


Well my first challenge is the production of a blog. My blog is not specific and will be on any and everything. So here we go. .


I was born in the UK but my heart lies in the Caribbean, nestled between the islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique lies a hidden treasure Dominica. This is the first stop of my love and country.

Dominica, capital City Roseau is in the heart of the Caribbean situated between the French Islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique. Originally named Waitukubuli (tall is her body). Dominica not to be confused with the Dominica Republic, is known as the nature isle of the Caribbean. Measuring 289.5 square miles, (750km2) with an approximate population of 69,500 (2006) albeit this has now declined due to Hurricane Maria in 2017, where many left the island due the devastation caused.

The island is both English speaking and French Creole (known as Patois). Sa ca fet? (How are you?) bonjour (good day) are the commonly used patois phrases on the island. Its currency Eastern Caribbean Dollars however US Dollars is commonly used on the island. Roman Catholic is the main religion on the island however there are a number of other denominations such as Pentecostal, Methodist, Baptist etc.

Dominica is well blended with a diverse group of people, blacks, mixed, whites and of course, we have our indigenous people the Kalinagos also know as Caribs. In 1903 a territory was created for the Caribs known as the Kalinago Territory, a culture which has relatively remained unchanged worth its weight in gold. Stop by, when you visit Dominica and take a tour as you will not be disappointed. Fresh Cassava awaits to tantalise your taste buds, crafts made before your very eyes will make you wish you had more space in your luggage.

Dominica although not known for its beaches (of which we have a few full of black sands, so if you are looking for somewhere to rest then try Mero Beach on the west coast of the island) but for its rainforest and natural resources, then let us venture into the rainforest of Dominica where you will find paradise, tropical birds of all colours, waterfalls, freshwater, rivers 365 one for every day is what is known as the nature isle of the Caribbean. IF THAT WAS NOT ENOUGH, Let us continue.


The idea of Dominica being boring cannot be fathomed in any language. Whilst there are no direct flights to Dominica and the journey can be tiresome, Dominica is by far an exciting place to be. Now let’s see, as of 2019 the calendar of events are, January brings Cricket to the Island, Dive Fest in July as Dominica is known for having one of the best coral reefs in the world. An island who loves to sewo (party) Domfesta in May a musical and art fusion. Known for its terrain a number of trails have been created throughout the island and Hike Fest begins also in the month of May, The National Trail. Dominica is open for business as it comes to life celebrating Independence on 3rd of November and by no means goes unnoticed on the island with a number of activities. Jazz and Creole in its infancy not only very well attended by the island and its neighbours but by visitors from all over the world taking place in June. Finally, we have Mas Domnik (also known as Carnival) taking place in March one of the biggest events in Dominica which brings together the African and French traditions of our people, some may call the main event.

Above are the continuous year to year events but this list is not complete as Dominica has more on offer. We cannot forget every bank holiday beach activities, visits to the numerous falls, Titou Gorge, Freshwater Lake, Screw’s and Tia’s large natural hot water Spas, with springs bursting at every turn in the interior of the island, a trip the Carib Territory I hear you say where you will find original culture, whilst sampling the taste of Cassava made by the Caribs and of course the hike to the boiling lake of which there are only two the second being in Canada.

If you have not experienced this island and you are looking for a jewel then Dominica should be your next stop. Arrival by plane to Antigua or Barbados with a short 30 to 40-minute plane ride will bring you to Paradise. This is a must for your bucket list.

DOMINICA cannot be forgotten, once bitten you will never let go. Dominica For Love and Country